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Executive Coaching & Mentoring


Brian is an expert coach and mentor and has access to some equally competent associate peers. It is accepted wisdom that through the selective use of coaching and mentoring it is possible to increase the likelihood of attaining our full potential and delivering and experiencing greater fulfillment in our working and home lives. For those benefitting from good coaching there is always a story to tell of increased or accelerated benefits.


However, time and again lack of good guidance, encouragement, self limitations and previous set backs not properly dealt with are at the root of under achievement. Left to co-create these issues have a worsening effect over time on performance often through lack of self confidence and ultimately self esteem.


Other times it is simply the benefit of the trained detached observer who can create crystal clarity and clear thinking as a result in particualar of good listening skils and discernment. Happily it follows then that the opposite benefits of high confidence and high stimulation combined with coachee proactiveness are available and waiting to be realised with the detached support of good coaching.         


Brian is also the creator of the Ideal Role Identification model.


This process is highly objective and effective and has produced excellent results as a proactive or reactive mechanism. It is a guided conversation with an expert coach which identifies the key work life themes and the details within each theme which are relevant to the individual. The content of the guided conversation is recorded and presented back in written form and against a rating system which is classified against a set of categories ranging from the "wrong" role to that person's actual" ideal" role.

It can be undertaken as part of an individuals proactive career development planning to assist in giving direction and for aspiration, direction and goal setting, it can be used to assess present suitability of role, or when a role is altered to re-assess suitability. .


It has also proven to be highly effective when faced with career uncertainty and in assessing unexpected job offers or multiple offers at the same time. This is often highly stressful not to mention being of critical importance to make the right balanced choice. All this can then be made in the certainty of truly knowing and fully considering all of your own needs.






Many thanks for helping me at a very difficult time in my life. Taking a step back from my dreams and passion as a professional golfer was a very difficult and hard decision. Your ratings system helped me identify what was important to me and helped me to set some clear objectives in a very cloudy time in my life. You helped me set some realistic goals and identify what was important to me, my development and my future career. Many thanks once again for your honesty, openness and kindness. 

Kyron O’Sullivan

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